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Checking the VMN Inbox Messages through API

Introduction to VMN

Through VMN (Virtual Mobile Number) businesses can send outgoing SMS to user. Users can reply to the incoming SMS that is sent through the VMN. This API is used to check the incoming SMS that the user replies to the VMN Inbox.

How does this work?

What can you do with this API?

Through this API you can check the messages your subscriber send to your VMN inbox. Let's say you want to check the incoming messages that landed in your VMN number, this API is used. You can view a single message or consolidated list of messages between a date range on the application. You can forward the list to third party applications using the URL below:

Trigger URL

The Trigger URL is used to forward the incoming request to client's application. Please find the below sample URL for the sample.



Sender ID
VMN Number

API to pull Incoming messages

Below is an API to get all the incoming messages from customer or against specific VMN number.


Optional API Parameters



Results starting from date. Date in any format. ex: 2017/01/06 or 06/01/2017


Results ending to this date. Date in any format. ex: 2017/01/06 or 06/01/2017


VMN Number




Sender number


Number of results per each request. (default 50 items)


Number of the page to get request


Specify the output type. type is JSON, PHP, and XML formats

Success Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
                <received_time>2018-02-05 16:00:29</received_time>

What's Next

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Checking the VMN Inbox Messages through API